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Competitive in the market of high-quality providers

Subject to negotiation to satisfy our collective needs

Project fees and hourly rates available

Never failed to reach an agreement if price is the only obstacle to a satisfying partnership

Management Practices

We excel at collaborating with all relevant stakeholders to develop a viable work plan in order to meet deadlines. We are “quick studies” and never take on more projects than we can manage, as this is a disservice to everyone and contrary to our professional standards. Additionally, we will work seven days a week to produce a quality, timely product. Because we are small and local, your work will be a major focus during its duration. Finally, we have all of the resources necessary to support our projects.

A group of people standing in a roomDescription automatically generated with low confidenceWe include regular process check-ins, evaluations with opportunity for process feedback, and exceed expectations. We successfully work on complex projects with limited budgets and tight schedules. We have a vast network of inter-disciplinary colleagues to help, if needed. We do not bill for all our time and are extremely efficient. We consistently deliver desired outcomes on time and within budget. The best evidence is our record of regularly being rehired by clients. Simply stated, we help groups succeed. We get rehired because we achieve “resolutions,” a more durable and satisfying conclusion than a “settlement,” where people just stop exploring simply to get done.

ICM takes full responsibility for its work. We consult with a wide variety of clients and always meet or surpass their expectations. We keep our eye on the bottom line and are always on the lookout for increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

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