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Valuable Resources

The links below will provide you with a sense of what Alternative Dispute Resolution is, and information about some of the professional organizations involved in the work.

American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section 

Association for Conflict Resolution 


Oregon Mediation Association

Policy Consensus Initiative

ADR News

About Mediation

Journal and Publication Resource links

Internet Law Library: ADR, Arbitration and Mediation

Articles of Interest

About Mediation Understanding mediation, selecting a mediator, usefulness and effectiveness of mediation in today's climate.

Civil Issues Articles featuring civil, what's new, ethical and confidentiality issues today.

Public Policy Current articles on the environment, negotiation and policies affecting the public.

Facilitation Up to date articles on Groupthink, communication assessment, facilitated and evaluative approaches.

Ethics  Featured articles defining ethics, standards, public education and the lawyer mediator. 

Humor The truth and fiction of mediation, facilitation and the communication process.

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