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Trainings and Keynote Speaking

Our programs are, interactive, entertaining, tailored to the audience, and practically focused on useable theory, effective tools, and the exploration of actual issues – not hypothetical cases. We can adapt all our trainings to meet the needs of the group, by lengthening, shortening, and combining topics to ensure the group’s needs are covered.

Current Webinar:

50 Ways to Break an Impasse: Tips, Tricks, Traps, and Tools


 Litigation Setting:  Date To Be Announced, via Zoom

Conflict Resolution Setting: Date To Be Announced, via Zoom



Mediation is a process – not an event.  Impasse-breaking starts with the first contact and continues after the formal session ends.  This is a practical, “How-To” course with time-tested techniques to overcome impasse and reach a “resolution,” not just a “settlement” where both sides walk away unhappy! 

Parties spin during mediation in the intersection of logic and emotion.  Gain practical tools for each mediation stage and learn how to get the “deal” done.  In the real world, each party wants the mediator to be “facilitative” with them and “evaluative” of the other side’s position.  Most mediators do some of each, so what to do, when, and how is more important than the endless debate about mediation models. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Tools to manage negotiator tricks
  • Insights to avoid psychological traps
  • How to manage conflicting evidence, polarized values, and practical obstacles
  • The psychology of decision-making and practical tools to chart a path toward resolution (decision trees and decision tables)
  • Tips to dispense "reality therapy," dance with “players," and reach closure in the face of inappropriate behavior
  • How to manage the ethical issues surrounding the competing mediation models
  • How to navigate the three mediation paradoxes (Self-Determination Theory, Transaction Resource Theory, and Collective Choice Theory) 
  • Stories, one-liners, and pithy observations to help people resolve their conflicts


This program will focus on the mechanics needed for straight talk, uncovering hidden agendas, and resolving conflict.  No touchy-feely psychobabble or incomprehensible legalese! 


  Suggested Audience

  What You Get

Any profession of origin

3.5 Hours of Training and Manual

Practitioners with about 25 mediations

Free Attendance at Subsequent Online “Q and A” Event (1.5 Hrs.)

Facilitative and evaluative approaches

Discounted One-on-One Consultations and Group Presentations for 3 months

Admiralty to Zoning Settings

The Skills Necessary to Improve Your Effectiveness

Max Enrollment: 25 Participants

CLE Credit: Pending (Oregon & Washington)


Cost Per Day: $295 for the Private Sector.  $195 for the Public/Non-Profit Sector, plus tax where applicable

Cancellation/Rescheduling: $25 if 5+ business days in advance.  Manual, but no refund if done later.

Questions: SamImperati@ICMresolutions.com, (206) 695-2730, or (503) 244-1174


 Pre-register for the Litigation Setting


Pre-register for the Conflict Resolution Setting



Sample Presentations:

50 Ways to Break an Impasse


Managing Truth Decay

Cognitive Biases

Dealing with Difficult People

Mediator Skills Training

Collaborative Governance

Interest-Based Bargaining and Problem Solving

Patient Safety – Medical Incidents

Confidentiality and Transparency

Impasse-Breaking and Ethics

Public Policy and Environmental Facilitation

Conflict Management

Housing Counselor Foreclosure Avoidance Mediation

The Intersection of Facilitation, Mediation, Organizational Development & Public Participation

Our programs are, interactive, entertaining, tailored to the audience, and practically focused on useable theory, effective tools, and the exploration of actual issues – not hypothetical cases. We can adapt all our trainings to meet the needs of the group, by lengthening, shortening, and combining topics to ensure the group’s needs are covered.


Popular Public Training Topics

Popular Mediator Training Topics


Training Philosophy:  

  • People do not learn when lectured to for hours on end.  Developing skills through practice is very important to adult learners.
  • We emphasize interactive exercises including role-plays, exercises, group dialogue, open forum for questions, as well as lecture punctuated by illustrative “war stories.” 
  • Commercial video presentations are available. We give people experience as well as information to cement their learning into new habits. 


Key Benefits of ICMresolutions Training:

Highly acclaimed for practical approach

National reputation for excellence

Dynamic trainers

Clear objectives

Experience in customized program design

Sector experience

Practical workbooks and checklist

Resource list for further learning









Keynote Speaking:

Sam Imperati offers keynote speaking on a variety of topics such as conflict resolution, negotiation, and decision making. Whether you want to encourage your team to overcome obstacles in resolving conflicts, motivate them to make better decisions, or inspire them to negotiate a better deal, Sam presents these topics in a humorous and entertaining way with an emphasis on the area most relevant to your field.


Sample Keynote, Seminar, and Training Sponsors: 


  • 1,000 Friends (2X)

  • American Association of Airport Executives PDX

  • American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution

  • Arnold Creek Neighborhood Association

  • Association of Catering & Event Professionals

  • Career Resources Network

  • Center on Dispute Resolution in Special Education

  • Central Oregon Community College

  • Chemeketa Classified Association Board

  • ChickTech

  • City Club of Portland Research Committee

  • Clean Water Services (3X)

  • Construction Contractors Board

  • Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia Dispute Resolution Conference

  • Cooperative Public Agencies of Washington County

  • Dan’s Auto

  • Dispute Resolution Center Conference Montgomery County Texas

  • Dispute Resolution Center of King County Fall Training

  • Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber

  • International Association for Public Participation (5X)


  • International Association for Public Participation USA Cascade Chapter

  • International Association of Healthcare Textile Management

  • King County ADR Programs

  • Linn Benton Mediation Services

  • Mediation Works

  • Metro East Employer Council

  • Metro Fire Officer’s Academy (3X)

  • Multnomah Bar Association ~ Young Lawyers Section

  • Multnomah County Library Lunch and Learn

  • New Hampshire Federal Courts

  • Nike

  • NW Dispute Resolution Conference (4X)

  • NW Natural and OPEIU Local 11 (5X)

  • Oregon Housing and Community Services

  • Oregon Joint Use Association (2X)

  • Oregon Mediation Association and Oregon State Bar ADR Section

  • Oregon Mediation Association Conference (5X)

  • Oregon Municipal Finance Officers Association

  • Oregon Patient Safety Commission


  • Oregon State Bar ADR

  • Oregon State Bar ADR Section CLE

  • PCC CLIMB Center for Advancement

  • PCC Portland Library

  • PGE

  • Portland Business Alliance

  • Portland Community College

  • Portland Library

  • Portland Public School

  • Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

  • Spring Federal and State Judicial Conference, Fairbanks Alaska

  • The Mediation Association of Northeast Ohio

  • Trail Blazers

  • TriMet

  • Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation

  • Washington City/Count Management Association (2X)

  • Washington Finance Officers Association

  • Western Energy Institute

  • Western Washington County EC

  • Willamette Valley Development Officers

  • Wood Village City Council Retreat (2X)


Trainings and Keynote Speaking Testimonials:   

  • “Great Speaker!”
  • “Sam’s humor was enjoyable.”
  • “Very entertaining and fun I very much enjoyed it!”
  • “I loved the humor! Extremely engaging speaker! Amazing speaker! I would recommend to others!”
  • “Very well done. Sam is an amazing speaker and very dynamic.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed his enthusiasm and energy.”
  • “Excellent! Very informative and interesting – made it easy to learn and grasp the concepts. Thanks!”
  • Pleasantly surprised – worth attending even if not required.
  • Informative, thought provoking, entertaining – what’s not to like?
  • Humor in a mandatory attendance situation is appreciated – interactive element enjoyable! T
  • his was much more valuable than I anticipated.
  • Good discussion on difficult topics. Intelligent exchange of ideas.
  • Good discussion regarding values vs. ethics… practical solutions.
  • The exercises were most helpful, which surprises me, as I normally don’t like interactive program.
  • What an enjoyable way to get compulsory credits!
  • The banter and discussion were engaging. I think I learned more than I would have purely because of the give and take with my colleagues.
  • The instructor was both interesting and entertaining – in a difficult subject.


Presentations: Sample Evaluations

I thoroughly enjoyed his enthusiasm and energy - Very interactive, great handouts. Audience engagement and small group activities were great. - He is awesome; love how interaction is such a major part of the learning process. Truly feel inspired to do the extra reading. Just loved all the resources provided, definitely my life will not be the same. - Sam is funnier than heck! His humor continually stayed on point with the presentation. - Outstanding, masterful and practical! One of the best training sessions I've ever attended! Compiled Evaluation Excerpts from ICM's Conflict Resolution and Decision-Making: Tips, Tricks, Traps, & Tools for the 2015 Southern Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Conference

Thank you for a most informative and useful four days. Your obvious enthusiasm, communication skills and well-organized material made the four days go quickly . . . Having taught Constitutional Law for eight years at the law school level I truly appreciate great teachers and how difficult it is to hold the attention of a diverse group for eight hours a day . . . Your willingness to share of your own personal experiences was part of what made the course so exceptional. Robert F. Utter, Former Chief Justice, WA Supreme Court

I though your presentation was the perfect blend of substance and humor and that you caused many of our attendees to reconsider their approach to mediation both as an advocate and as a mediator. Based on the feedback I have received, the attendees clearly agree with my impressions. Please know that the your efforts were vitally important to the court's renewed initiative to provide quality mediation training to the bar and to those serving on the court's mediation panel. Landya B. McCafferty, United States Magistrate Judge

I am a huge supporter of ADR and your talk in the morning was both light hearted and very substantive—a hard combination to successfully achieve. Once again, thanks for coming to New Hampshire. I have heard nothing but good things about your presentation. John T. Broderick Jr., Chief Justice, New Hampshire Supreme Court

Many thanks for all you did to help promote the use of mediation when you came to speak to the judges in our District and the advocates who were interested in representing their clients in mediation . . . One attorney that I have known for quite some time told me he finally understands and appreciates the process of mediation and thinks your training should be a required course. Lee Parker, CJRA Admin. Analyst, U.S. District Court, Boise  

This material could be extremely dull, boring and sleep inducing. Sam, through humor, class participation, examples and most important enthusiasm made this course not only educational but also a lot of ‘fun.’ Alfred E. Monahan, President Monahan Group, Inc., San Diego, CA

I gained inestimable knowledge that will be used frequently and hopefully effectively as I go through my daily responsibilities as an Affirmative Action Officer. Your mediation program has provided me with the tools to build a ‘magic wand’ in our complaint process. Ray Ruiz, Associate Director, OHSU EEO Department, Portland, OR

Thanks so much for the terrific presentation you gave to the Executive Officers Club …You were a big hit!  You managed to combine a great deal of solid, nuts and bolts information with just the right dose of humor.  … As someone who also gives speeches, I take my off my hat to you – you had our group in the palms of your hands.  Our business executives absolutely loved you.  Chuck Whitlock, Chairman Executive Officers Club

I attended your CLE yesterday. I was expecting the usual eye-glazingly-boring presentation where I retain nothing b/c it is so mind numbing even pinching myself won't keep me awake. You were refreshingly enjoyable & substantively useful! As you obviously have figured out, keep us laughing & we can pay attention to what you're saying. …. Thanks for not only doing the CLE, but making it enjoyable!  Katelyn Randall, Oregon Tax Court, Salem. OR

Best substance and energy of any CLE that I’ve had - great job!  G. Richard Bevan, Hollifield & Bevan, Twinfalls, ID

Sam is one of a kind-outstanding performance and great message. - Absolutely the best possible way to end a full day of CLE study. Content was great as well as presentation. - Honest, convincing and engaging. - Hilarious! The room was packed. I wish it could have been in a bigger room. Or it was a  keynote. - Great off the charts. Well organized, intelligent and funny. - Engaging and gave great ideas and things to think about when mediating. - Outstanding Presentation! Compiled Evaluation Excerpts from ICM's Mediator Humor for the 2016 NW DR Conference

Absolutely, the best and most professional training I’ve ever attended. Very useful and practical. Northwest Institute for Dispute Resolution 

Imperati should create a weekly syndicate TV Mediation show - it would sell - our country needs it!!  Stanley D. Moore, Mediator/Lawyer, Winston & Cashatt, Spokane, WA

Your Basic Mediator Skills Training course was one of the very best I have ever attended in my long career . . . The written materials were also first-rate.  Larry Custer, Principal, Management Technology Assoc.

Your mediation training was unreservedly terrific! It approached a ‘transformative’ experience for a lawyer steeped in the litigation process and demonstrated a different way of thinking about conflict resolution.  Jas. Adams, Oregon Assistant Attorney General, Appellate Division

Mr. Imperati is, without a question, the best trainer I have encountered  . . . [His] ability to understand his audience’s working environment, and adapt his material accordingly, is amazing. [His] energy, humor, and rapport with his audience make him remarkably effective. He makes complex concepts clear, and stimulates learning by enticing the audience to participate.  James L. Crouser, First Vice President, Institute of Internal Auditors, Portland, OR

ICM really worked with us to customize the training sessions to meet the individual needs of our organization [and] . . . to make ADR a part of our culture. Tom Barkin, Asst. Commissioner, Oregon Public Utility Commission, Salem, OR

[T]hank you for a spectacular introduction to mediation!  The coverage of negotiation technique, the mediation process, ethics and mediation administration made this training a perfect fit for our needs. [I]t takes significant talent to turn a four-day session into an entertaining learning experience.  Kenneth Andrichik, Senior Vice President, FINRA, New York, NY

Mr. Imperati’s funny, self-critical life stories made the conference!  He is the best teacher I have ever had . . . not only does he change how you visualize and will handle dispute resolution, but he ultimately transforms how you deal with all conflict in your everyday life.  Elsie M. Boldman, Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Ada County (ID)

While your ability to communicate with students through example, modeling, humor, and just plain bluster is nothing short of an art form, it is your surprising sincerity that hits between the eyes.  University of Idaho Law Student 

 “Thanks so much for the terrific presentation you gave to the Executive Officers Club …You were a big hit! You managed to combine a great deal of solid, nuts and bolts information with just the right dose of humor. … As someone who also gives speeches, I take my off my hat to you – you had our group in the palms of your hands. Our business executives absolutely loved you.” Chuck Whitlock, Chair, Executive Officers Club, Portland, OR

...The Portland Police Bureau recently explored new ground by launching a new pilot project. The goal of the Return-to-Work Program was to work with our pension fund to try and provide some meaningful work for officers who have been away on disability and still find themselves unable to perform the physical requirements of full duty... Your participation as an instructor in this process was a vital part of providing some new focus to these officer's lives. It is to you credit that you were able to provide an extra measure of patience and sensitivity to make the training meaningful. Captain Eric Hendricks, Portland Police Bureau Training Division.

… I write to thank you or your presentation at our conference in San Francisco this fall. Your program was full of inspiring observations and useful techniques, and your style was both highly professional and highly entertaining. My only regret was that we did not set aside a full day for you … Your program was the highlight of the conference for me and, from what I have heard since, for most, if not all the other participants. … David Lombardi, Jr., Chief Circuit Mediator – Ninth Circuit, San Francisco, CA

“Your … training course was one of the very best I have ever attended in my long career . . . new concepts were readily understandable. The written materials were also first-rate.” Larry Custer, Principal, Management Technology Association, Portland, OR

“Highlight of the conference. Freaking amazing! Fantastic Presentation – great material.” Oregon Joint Use Association

Absolutely, the best and most professional training I’ve every attended. Very useful and practical. Northwest Institute for Dispute Resolution 2007


Samples from Stephenson Elementary Fifth Grade Class: 


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