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ICMresolutions on Equity

"Equality" does not equal "Equity." Equity is a journey. As the facilitator for ODOT’s I-5 Rose Quarter Covers Project, we created a data-driven process that insured that the diversity and equity programs produce tangible results for the intended communities. Our effective conflict resolution skills translate into more equitable outcomes by providing everyone access to the process and by supporting voices from all communities. Our experience working in conflict provides us with the tools necessary to encourage courageous conversations and dig into the underlying issues, which often include systematic racism. Where others may be conflict avoidant, we embrace those difficult conversations to increase awareness and allow for growth and understanding across communities.


Sam/ICM has also engaged in the following supportive activities: Oregon State Bar Leadership Institute events, OSB D&I Summer Stipend Program, Nike’s liaison to the ABA’s Minority Lawyers Affirmative Action Demonstration Project, Jesuit Volunteer Corps work at Metro PD, and the Big Brother in college. When Sam was in private practice, he frequently represented BIPOC and economically disadvantaged individuals. In addition to mentoring students from several universities and the Oregon State Bar Affirmative Action program, Sam has volunteered to be a mentor and trainer for the Port of Portland’s Small Business Development’s Mentor Protégé Program. ICM has conducted diversity training for attorneys, as well as a series of focus groups at the Port of Portland on the issues of diversity and affirmative action. ICM has completed a mediation/facilitation project with a WBE prime contractor, and consulates regularly with a mediation/facilitation ESB. Furthermore, ICM has received certification from The City of Portland for Non-Discrimination in Employee Benefits (EB) as an EEO Affirmative Action Employer. We will secure comparable  Washington certifications this fall.

Over the years, ICM has employed BIPOC and LGBTQ+ staff and mentored people of color from universities and the Oregon State Bar Affirmative Action program. ICMresolutions has worked on public policy facilitation projects with students. ICM values training the next generation. ICMresolutions will continue to partner with women, minorities, and emerging small businesses, and advocate for true diversity, equity, and inclusion.


ICMresolutions on the Rural-Urban Divide

The urban-rural divide in Oregon and Washington is real. A simple Google search returns several scholarly articles and real-world stories on a wide variety of differences: political, economic, social, educational, occupational, health, etc. We have been honored to work on the following projects that have allowed us to help diverse participants navigate these differences exist. These projects include a) ODF Wildland Urban Interface, b) OC Exempt Groundwater Well Policy Consensus Workgroup, c) Human Health-Related Scope of Practice Advisory Group, d) Oregon Dairy Air Quality Task Force, e) Air Quality Strategy – Columbia River Gorge, f) Bend's Transportation Systems Plan, and g) Government Camp's Revitalization.

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