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ICM Overview

The Institute for Conflict Management, Inc. (dba, ICMresolutions) is a NW-based, national provider of dispute resolution, facilitation, mediation, decision-making, team building, and training services. ICM is experienced in the intersection of policy, politics, science, business, and law. We respectfully submit our Statements of Qualifications and Quotes to assist the William D. Ruckelshaus Center with facilitation services, project design and management, and associated project services. We support the Center’s mission “to act as an impartial resource for collaborative problem solving in the State of Washington and Pacific Northwest.” ICMresolutions has provided resolution services in the public, public-private, and private sectors. We have successfully collaborated with your counterpart, PSU’s Oregon Consensus program (NPCC) since its inception and are members of its Affiliated Practitioner Team (APT.)

ICMresolutions brings over 30 years of experience in managing, presenting, and resolving matters in a thorough, clear, and balanced fashion. We have provided services to a diverse array of organizations, including BIPOC groups, public agencies, private companies, trade associations, non-profits, hospitals, law firms, and universities. We have worked on health policy,  natural resources, climate, education, housing insecurity, community resilience,  and other policy challenges as evidenced in Section 4, below. Because of our multi-disciplinary approach, we are regularly successful in integrating complex data into processes in an objective, transparent and understandable manner. Our approach combines classic facilitation with the result-oriented tools of mediation to help polarized participants reach consensus.

ICMresolutions helps stakeholders find “resolution,” not just “settlement” where everyone walks away unhappy. We are especially experienced in dealing with time pressured, polarized dynamics that require creative, practical solutions. Our experience as mediators means that when others experience impasse, we explore the “real issues” and find lasting solutions. Our style is practical, focused, interactive, and high-energy. We have a strong focus on “diversity, equity, and inclusion in our projects and our organizational culture” as outlined below. Our trainings and presentations provide the skills necessary to work in today’s challenging environment where conflict is prevalent, and decisions must be made quickly and cost-effectively. Other consultants come to us for advice.


Philosophy: You can either build a relationship & fix the problem or build a case & fix blame.


Core Principles










Our Goal is resolution, not just settlement, where the parties walk away equally unhappy!

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